Weddings & Ceremonies


Services are offered on a dana basis for members of the Spirit Rock Meditation Center community.


Fees for a wedding ceremony are as follows: $750 for the ceremony itself and (generally two) planning meetings, either via phone or in-person. Add an additional $200 for a wedding rehearsal. Please reimburse all driving/mileage expenses beyond 20 miles from Evan's home in San Diego at $1 per mile. Air travel or multi-day trips are welcome and require prior planning.

Any fee for the first planning meeting is waived if you elect to work with someone else after our introductory meeting.


Evan usually works with a couple for six to eight 90-minute sessions at $200 per session over a period of eight to twelve weeks. There is also a $30 fee paid online to take the PREPARE/ENRICH assessment.


Fees for a ceremony or memorial are usually about $599 but can vary depending on complexity and the amount of planning involved. I'm happy to meet with you to discuss your needs and we can establish an appropriate fee at that time.

when we clear away the wreckage in our mind, happiness simply arises